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Tuesday, 16th September 2014

Artists Luisa Seidenberg, James Whitington and Alex Goad’s exhibition
HUMAN : NATURE will draw attention to the care of Australia’s natural heritage.
The Rocks PopUp will be transformed with paintings, monotypes, etchings and ceramics.

Saturday, 6th September 2014

A major exhibition of Arthur Boyd's artwork: 5 September - 9 November 2014

Among the many works that have not been exhibited before is The Prodigal Son, a large fragment of a mural that was painted by Arthur for his uncle, the well-known novelist, Martin Boyd.

In 1948 he worked assiduously while playing Beethoven’s 7th Symphony ‘very loudly’, to paint in a ‘fresco secco’ method over a plaster ground which originally unfolded across an expanse of over 20 metres.