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Sunday, 15th March 2015

MaX Fulcher's dazzling new art exhibition  'Bird Talk Orchid Speak' opens at the Bondi Pavilion 2nd-19th April.

Max's 'The Enchanted Orchid' book sold over 10,000 copies internationally and is now available as an iBook through iTunes.

100 hard copies of private stock will be available at his forthcoming Bondi Pavillion Exhibition in April.

Please join us on opening night Wed April 1 at 5.00pm

Sunday, 15th March 2015

Congratulations to George Raftopoulos on his forthcoming exhibition:

A retrospective exhibition of George Raftopoulos works, presented by the Embassy of Greece in Canberra on the occasion of the National Day, 25th March 2015.

Curated by the Greek Ambassadrice Mrs. Eva T. Dafaranos.

Featuring: “San Foustanella”, mixed media on canvas, 100x120cm, 2014

Greek National Day of Independence commemorates Greece’s historic struggle for national independance from Turkey in 1829.