Purchasing a Fine Art Limited Edition

Cows and Pulpit Rock

Arthur Boyd

Cows and Pulpit Rock

Berkeley Editions works with leading Australian artists.

With such a diversified group of artists you have an exceptional range of works to choose from-whether it's a lyrical Shoalhaven landscape by Arthur Boyd, a dazzlingly work by Jason Benjamin or contemporary artwork by Jasper Knight – we have something that will capture your attention and reflect your style.

When you acquire one of our Fine Art Limited Editions you are acquiring a collectable artwork.

You can acquire a Fine Art Limited Edition for a fraction of the cost of an original painting by one of Australia’s leading, distinguished artists. And, we might even be able to arrange for you to meet with the artist to learn more about them, their style and inspiration.

For example, an Arthur Boyd painting sells for between $100,000 and $1.4 million. A Gary Shead sells for approx. $80,000-$500,000, and a Jason Benjamin for approx. $30,000-$80,000.

Our Fine Art Limited Edition Arthur Boyd’s can be purchased for $8,000, a Gary Shead for $4,000 and Jason Benjamin for $4,000.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to own an artwork by these and other Australian artists, we can help you. CLICK HERE to go to Artists.