Born 19 – –

Alexander Lavroff’s youth was spent in Egypt where he engrossed himself in this historic and exotic country where he lived until he was twelve years of age and where he was lucky enough to have the opportunity to take up life classes with an Italian Master.

In the mid 1950’s along with his Russian family Alex migrated to Australia. At this time Alex’s father saw his son’s artistic potential and decided to encourage him to develop his enjoyment of drawing. With this encouragement, Alexander became a perceptive artist who gained a great deal of pleasure from his art, his talent grew and his passionate art forms and illustrations flourished.

Alex’s formal art education was undertaken at the Sydney Technical College in Darlinghurst and later at the Royal Art Society at North Sydney where he would obtain merit for his portraitures. He then trained with Graham Inson from the Max Meldrum School in tonal impressionism.

Alex’s great love and most of his career stems from time spent as an acknowledged illustrator for the advertising industry specializing in airbrush photo-real illustrations. During this period he managed a large Neutral Bay studio where he organized and represented other illustrators. Five books of note were published targetting the advertising industry with numerous gifted illustrators. Alexander reveled in the pace and challenges during this time in his career.

After working in advertising Alex’s career changed pace and direction. With his knowledge and drawing expertise he turned his attention to making fine art.

In recent years he has he has been recognized for his art winning first place in the Mosman Art Prize in 2009 and was a finalist in 2001 and 2010. Alex was also a Willoughby Ar Prize, Hunters Hill and Mortimer Art Prize finalist. Alex has exhibited with Michael Commerford, St Vincent Hospital, in group shows and had a solo shows with the Sara Roney Gallery and Mary Place Galleries and has also been represented in the United States OzArt.