Born 1948

Born in Brisbane in 1948 and now residing in Sydney, David is the publisher at View Magazine. Producing covers for his magazine lead David to creating larger pieces using the same techniques for what he calls Digital Collages.

“To create the end image I use photographs I have taken and then manipulate them in various ways using filters. The mix of images is most important to gain a uniform end product. I try to create the most intricate detail for the background to leave the feature foreground element to stand out. The whole process takes a good deal of time with many trial and error versions along the way.”

David has also worked in oil, pen and ink as well as acrylic. The most common element to link all his work is the design factor. He is a designer first and as he puts it, the rest follows. He says, there is not a lot of difference between all media when creating an image. Each has its pros and cons and once you get past the fact that the world has been spoilt by some of the most beautifully spectacular oils for many centuries you should allow yourself to be seduced by this new media.

David has had exhibitions in Canberra and Sydney.