(c.1927 – 2002)

Paddy Carroll’s mother’s country is the site of Winparrku near Haasts Bluff. Paddy grew up in this area, the family coming in to Haasts Bluff and Yuendumu to collect rations of bread and tea.

He began painting in about 1977 when John Kean was ru(ning Papunya Tula Artists and Paddy and his family were living at Three Mile Bore, an outstation of Papunya. David Corby was probably influential in his starting to paint. Paddy’s extensive ceremonial knowledge is indicated by the range of Dreaming stories depicted in his paintings.

For a time, he lived at Inapanu outstation, near Mt Lori, and sometimes in Papunya. In 1991 he travelled to America with Dinny Nolan Tjampitjinpa, visiting colleges and Native American communities on a tour organised by poets Billy Marshall-Stoneking and Nigel Roberts.

Paddy Carroll once remarked to a journalist puzzling over the meaning of a painting’s iconography that “We have had to learn your language, now it is time you learned ours.”
(Aboriginal Artists of the Western Desert. By Vivien Johnson)