Love Magic Ceremony Design


Edition of 99
Image size 76 x 56cm
Paper size 76 x 56cm

Bai Bai, a senior law person responded to the theme, Love/Magic/Ceremony, by producing three images on linoleum, which have been integrated into a single print in sequence from top to bottom.

The top section represents Ngaanjatjarra her grandmothers country, which is located south west of Balgo in the Great Sandy Desert, where she lived and hunted as a young woman.

The Tjukurrpa story for this place tells of some wicked young men who came here far from the west. The old woman responsible for this country wove a long hair belt central to the top panel image, and used it to tie them up.

The second central panel is a series of brightly coloured stripes representing the various coloured fat, feathers, sand and material ephemera used in important ceremony here. These lines also represent the tali or sand hills which dominate Bai Bai’s country.

The third panel ia another image of Nganjatjarra showing the elongated soak surrounded by tali or sand hills. In a second level of meaning it depicts women participating in a ceremony around a dance field representing the soakwater. Sand hills radiate out in the surrounding country.