Edition of 99
Sugar lift painting, aquatint and a la poupee
Image size 49 x 33cm
Paper size 76 x 56cm

This is an important Jukurrpa (Dreaming) performed ritually in ceremony by men and women of the Nakamarra, Jakamarra, Jupurrurla and Napurrurla skin groups.

The song is closely associated with Yilpinji songs amongst these skin groups. The bush potato is a major food source and a very important Dreaming for the Warlpiri people. This print and Liddy’s other Bush Potato etching titled ‘Yumurrpa’ tell the story of two important sites in Warlpiri country.

The story tells of a big fight amongst men and how the women help settle the fight and restore harmony to the tribe. It is a morality tale that dictates Warlpiri behaviour and obligations toward one another and the language group. This harmony is exemplified by how the two types of tucker now grow on the bush potato plant.

These are Wapurtarli (the little potato) and Yumurrpa (the big potato). Women (U shapes) are shown digging for yam with their coolamon dishes and digging sticks. They bring little bush potatoes to the others. The bush potato plant is shown with its roots extending outwards.