Wayipi Story


Edition of 99
Image size 49 x 32.5cm
Paper size 76 x 56cm

Wayipi* is a plant that grows along the ground, like a bush yam. Nampijinpa and Nangala women are shown as U shapes looking around for the Wayipi. They have with them parraja (wooden food carrying dishes) and karlangu (digging sticks). The Jukurrpa (Dreaming) story for this print is about Jungarrayi, a Japangardi man, who travelled through country around Wanapiyi, a big hill just South West of Yumendumu.

In this area he chased a number og Nangala and Nampijinpa women who were digging for Wayipi (Bush Carrot). The Japangardi man followed those women and tried to reach them in a cave where they were hiding. He managed to grab one of the women for his wife. Japangardi is shown in the painting, also as a U shape, he has his karli (boomerangs) and kurlarda (spear). * Boerhavia diffuse