Yurmupa – Big Bush Potato


Edition of 99
Image size 49.5 x 32.5cm
Paper size 76 x 56cm

This print and Liddy’s other Bush Potato print titled ‘Wapatali’ together depict the epic battle between the big bush potato and the little bush potato. It is a metaphor for how the Warlpiri people learnt to live in harmony with one another.

When reading these two stories it is important to understand that the men are the big bush potatoes and the women are the little bush potatoes. They existed as people during the creation time but also represent plants, and an important food source, each of which competes for space in the harsh desert environment.

The Tjupurrula and Tjakamarra men (father’s and son’s) fight with men of the same skin groups from a different tribe over women who are depicted in Liddy’s other ‘Bush Potato’ print. The women are of the Napurrula and Nakamarra skin groups, Sisters and daughters to the men, and mothers and daughters to each other.

The women bring the little bush potato to the men as food. While the full story is a narrative battle that took place during the creation period referred to as the Dreamtime, it is also a major ceremony, which is re-enacted to this day in Warlpiri culture.