Striptease: It’s All Done with Flowers

Max Fulcher

Well-known orchidist Max Fulcher is also a dab hand at flower illustration and photography. This new book demonstrates his deep love of nature. Never one to get bogged down in political correctness, Max revels in the language of flowers, and though illusionary, his visuals are exceedingly accurate in vibrant living color. Behind each soft petal lies painstaking work-intricate lines, often more telling than the sumptuous overlay of the finished illustration. As Max discovered the art of drawing on the computer, he realised that each illustration was created using layer upon layer of colour and design, hence, the name StripTease. Some of the world's best loved blossoms feature in Striptease; the flaming red Queensland FireWheel and outrageously pink Fraser Island Creeper, indigenous Australian beauties, vie with a bevy of ravishing orchids and other exotic botanica to capture reader attention. Striptease contains a colorful supplement of art and photography actually reproduced from the author's travel diaries and sketch pads.