The Electricity Box

Robyn Berkeley

Eric was able to achieve extraordinary results through prayer and work on the spine or electricity box, as he called it. As he would say: "If the vertebrae are jammed or calcified together or not in the correct place as God has created, the nerves with authority over particular organs and tissues are inhibited, resulting in pain or confusion and disorder. This makes people concentrate on their particular ailment and pursue that, rather than allowing their minds to be free and at peace. That is, not allowing them to see the whole picture. It is a total degeneration of the human race over thousands of years." – Author, Robyn Berkeley – – – – – – – – – – "This book has been many years in the making, and I have longed for it, because I knew Eric McNally and his remarkable story – and I saw first-hand how knowing Eric changed Robyn. Berkeley profoundly. It's a tale worth telling. You'll love it!" – Janise Beaumont, Author – – – – – – – – – – Only when my chronic back pain had immobilised me and the painkillers I was taking outweighed my daily intake of food did I go to see Eric for an appointment arranged for me by a friend who's a comedian and a notorious practical joker. I thought I was on the receiving end of one of his cruellest ever pranks when I discovered Eric's "treatment" didn't involve prescriptions and tablets, but rather the deployment of a hammer and a chisel which he tapped on my spine like Michelangelo sculpting a slab of marble. It was only when the torture was over and I found myself swivelling my hips like Elvis Presley that I realised that, if this was a joke, I was the one laughing. I don't believe in God and I certainly don't believe in miracles but, before my very eyes, Eric prayed to God first and then proceeded to perform a miracle on me. Is it any wonder I'm confused? – Bill Leak editorial cartoonist with The Australian Painter and writer Australia – – – – – – – – – – "Meeting Eric McNally I was struck by this diminutive man on a walking stick. His twinkling blue eyes were both questioning and appraising and I was drawn to this softly spoken soul with such a tranquil spiritual aura. Then came the mallet and rubber as I bent over the stool – the treatment was followed by relief and a sense of peace and energy. Eric McNally changed people's lives for the better." – Glen – Marie Frost, Businesswoman and communicator Sydney